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OAK EVENTS is the customizable solution for comprehensive event management with dedicated CRM, CMS, and reporting for complete participant engagement. A single software to manage every phase of your event!


Manage all phases of your event with OAK EVENTS

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Key features

Participant management

With OAK EVENTS, you can create communication campaigns for attendees, develop event websites with tailored content and graphics, and customize registration forms. You can also manage accreditation via QR codes sent to participants and oversee parallel sessions.


The platform enables comprehensive management of attendee information, including hotels, flights, trains, shuttles, and rental cars, with dedicated reporting for operational event managers.


OAK EVENTS empowers organizers to control the entire registration process by customizing the frontend, required information, and communications to meet the specific needs of each event.

Comunicate with you participants

OAK EVENTS platform offers advanced marketing tools including email marketing, SMS, pre-event surveys, and social media integrations (like Social Wall) to boost event visibility and maximize participation.


Automated confirmations for event registration pages can include a QR code for participants to show at the entrance. An integrated web app facilitates participant check-in, reducing hospitality costs and recording information in real-time.


SMS and WhatsApp messaging are also integrated into the platform to enhance event engagement. An integrated Helpdesk chat within OAK EVENTS assists participants throughout every phase of the event.

Engage with your participants


OAK EVENTS enables organizers to enhance participant engagement and interaction for streaming, physical, and hybrid events.


Attendees can submit questions through real-time customized interfaces, respond to surveys, provide feedback, participate in polls and games, fostering dynamic and interactive engagement for both online and offline participants.


Results can be instantly accessible to all participants. Moreover, the platform seamlessly transitions into the post-event phase by serving as a content repository with restricted access for attendees.

Entertainment and Gaming

OAK EVENTS allows participants to network by sending messages, photos, and videos in real-time. The highlights of the event can also be shared on major social networks. Gaming solutions are also available on the platform to increase participant engagement.


During the event, organizers have access to an intuitive and comprehensive dashboard that manages all aspects of the event in real-time. They can modify the agenda, send notifications to users, monitor audience interaction, manage streaming content, and provide support through the Helpdesk.


Interaction extends to physical events as well: simply placing a QR code within the event allows participants to access the event’s web page and interact with questions, surveys, quizzes, chats, etc.

Reports and KPI


With OAK EVENTS, you can monitor the progress of your event and track conversion statistics from invitations to registrations, all the way through to real-time check-ins.


All actions are logged in the user profile, where you can review participation history in one or multiple events, along with other pertinent information. For streaming events, real-time monitoring of each participant’s active viewing minutes is also possible.


OAK EVENTS provides comprehensive and detailed control over every aspect of your event, ensuring effective management and accurate assessment of participant engagement.


After the event, your company will have access to detailed data analytics and customized reports to evaluate event performance, measure audience engagement, and identify areas for improvement for future initiatives.

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Completely customizable

OAK EVENTS is a white-label platform that allows for complete customization of every phase of your event. Participants will have the perception of being part of an event crafted by the organizer, significantly enhancing brand awareness and company reputation.


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