The modular and complete solution for event management that grows with your needs​

The modular and complete solution for event management that grows with your needs

The Platform

OAK is a modular and totally customizable solution that allows you to manage, through a CRM and a dedicated CMS, all the phases of an event: before, during and after its execution, whatever the number of participants. Guests can consult the constantly updated information regarding the event, the location and the agenda or the details of the live online from their PC or smartphone.

User management


Check In

Seats Manager




Media Library





OAK facilitates the active participation of guests in the event. From the smartphone it is possible to send questions to the speaker in real time; respond to questionnaires (to assess the level of satisfaction of the participants in the event); express feedback (to verify the results obtained and increase user involvement); or participate in televoting. The data is immediately available on the server and can be viewed by the guests.



Social Wall




Audio Playlist


User Chat

 Marketing Flows



And for a break during work sessions, participants can exchange messages and photos in real time, networking with other guests. The most important moments can be quickly shared on the main social networks. Simple gaming solutions can be used to convey various types of messages and to induce guests to engage in active behavior.

Help Desk



Streaming & Webinars

The OAK platform consists of several modules that can be activated individually for each event. Specifically, by activating the Live module, the organizer can stream their Webinar, their Web-conference or any e-learning experience. From time to time, a set of interactive forms can be devised to engage attendees. It is also possible to monitor the progress of your live event from the administration panel where real-time statistics and measurements are available on user actions.

  • Complete autonomy in content management
    Changes in real time
  • Data extraction / import
  • Environment compliant with high safety standards
  • Selection of the services to be enabled for each event
  • Participant workflow


Dynamic Overlays

Real time updates


Detailed Reporting

Performance & Security

An extremely powerful and scalable Server platform based on the best cloud architectures and with high levels of security and reliability. OAK is delivered in Pay-Per-Use (SaaS) mode without the need to install software or purchase licenses. A reserved access to the server through a simple Web interface allows you to manage all the phases of an event by choosing which services to enable. The platform, from time to time, is customized with its own graphics and participants can access it via the Web or via the App. The Cloud architecture and use in SAAS allow you to take advantage of new functions and services that are periodically added to the platform.


  • Events
  • Congresses
  • Conventions
  • Incentive travel
  • Exhibitions
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Education


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user management

The CRM module lets you manage a wide range of participants’ data. Every participant can be tracked in the entire event workflow, from registration to check in to presence monitoring. Participants can be created manually or imported with a simple xls file, whereas for public events, participants can register autonomously using customizable web forms.

Agenda & calendar

Keep your clientes up-to-date with the latest changes in the Event Calendar. Each event can be set as Public or Private, thus becoming visible and accessible to the public or only to one or more groups of users. The agenda presents the different sessions of the event sorted chronologically and with all the relevant useful information: times and title of the sessions, the speakers, the location of the room with attached map or other specific documents (images, PDF , PPT etc). There is also a section dedicated only to the speakers of the event where you can read information about him/her, find his LinkedIn profile and consult the list of associated sessions. The agenda of each event presents the different moments of the event divided chronologically and with all the relevant information useful to the participants: Hours, Venue, Speakers, Maps, Images. If enabled, a sub-function called MyAgenda allows the participant to create a specific agenda composed only of the sessions of his interest.

check in

Manage users through a dedicated application and check in real time who has already checked in and who is not arrived yet.
Once registered, users can receive an email with a badge that they has to show at the event, this function can be managed either by the hostess at the entrance or with a check in tower where they can show the qrcode.

seats manager

This function allows you to manage the maximum number of seats in a completely automatic way in order to block registrations once the pre-established number of participants has been reached.
This is applicable both for the event in general and for individual sessions.


Publish and distribute content in different file formats (PPT, PDF, Images, doc, xlx, video) or links that you want to make available to the event participants. By clicking on the document, the participant can view or save the document on their device. Document visibility can be set at the event level or can be linked to specific agenda sessions.


All events have speakers! With the OAK CMS you can save all the relevant data of each speaker: name, job title, picture, bio and even Social Network links. And for those managing several events, it’s very useful to build a central list of speakers that can be assigned to several events without the need to re-enter the same content every time.

media Library

With the media library all content can be loaded into the backend to keep it organized in one place.
In addition, each uploaded file generates a link so that you can use all types of files without having to attach or upload them to external platforms.


Sponsors are often a very strategic asset for an Event. With OAK you can manage one or more Sponsors and display on the event pages in several ways. Logos, descriptions and external links can be added to enrich the sponsor visibility. Also, sponsors can be grouped into categories such as Main, Media, Tech or any category label you may need.


During registration, in addition to the e-mail, the telephone number may be requested in order to be able to send an otp code at each future login. This function allows you to guarantee maximum security and prevent unauthorized users from accessing even if they have managed to recovered valid credentials.


All user accesses are unique, thanks to this function a user cannot access the event simultaneously from multiple devices.
if a user decides to change device while participating in the stream, once logged in he will be disconnected from the previous session and can continue to see the event with the new device.


One of the most used interactivity functions is the Q&A, a function dedicated to the management of questions and answers between participants and speakers. Each participant can send one or more questions from their device which are read by the speaker and who can answer the question directly or after the event. As with other functions, this type of content can be left to direct publication or moderated by a director who “filters” the questions by choosing what to pass to the speaker and what not. For this function there is also a Private parameter that makes the individual questions visible only by the speaker rather than Public and therefore visible by all the other participants in the event. This function is particularly useful for all those situations in which the quantity of questions received does not allow an answer in real time but which makes it possible to easily export the questions collected for a subsequent direct follow-up or via email


Collect comments and critical opinions about your event! Through the feedback, the user can express a qualitative appreciation (stars from one to five) to a question, or answer it freely through a Free Text Form. You can consult these statistics whenever you want from the appropriate section of the administration panel (and obviously also download them if you need it!)

social wall

Let your participants talk about the event! In an internal bulletin board dedicated to the event, they can interact with each other by posting short text or image content. It is possible to set a moderation that makes the contents visible only if approved by the director. This function is basically a small internal Social Network dedicated to the event where participants can post short text or image content.


Prepare your polls and make them visible at the right time! Engage attendees with short, pre-defined multiple choice questions. Once a survey is made available, the collected data is grouped and shown in the form of a graph updated in real time for an additional level of audience engagement. Does your event have a dull moment? Create a survey and your participants will see it appear in real time on their smartphones!


Let creativity flow into your events! With the WordsCloud module, users are able to leave free thoughts, keywords, meaningful emotions and feelings about the event. All of these words will be shown in a tag cloud, with the single terms sized based on occurrence. You can also configure a small semantic engine that excludes all terms that are not relevant (articles and conjunctions) or deemed offensive and inappropriate (insults and swear words). Conversely, there is the possibility of concatenating two or more terms (for example the name of a brand) as if they were a single word so as not to fragment it within the tags. In the backend, admins can see the flow of terms coming from the audience and react in real time putting in the blacklist potentially harmful words.


Quizzes allow you to create a test for all users at the same time. The questions are prepared in advance by choosing the number of answers and the score.
Each question can have a positive, negative or neutral score, a multiplier can also be applied if it is answered within a set time.
Once the quiz is completed, the results can be viewed directly in the backend or possibly through an excel file generated by the platform with all the detailed information.

Audio playlist

This section allows you to prepare a playlist that can be activated with a click during the event.


The photoboot section allows users to interact with the platform by taking a photo that they will then receive via email. The images taken can have a frame with different graphics or images on overlay. All photographs can be then used with a mosaic view to be placed behind the speakers during the event, this background will continue to update as new images arrive in order to allow all users to appear during the event.

user chat

The chat is one of the most used interactivity functions, similar to the Q&A is a section in which you can send messages through the platform but in this case are not questions for the speakers but a way of communicating with the other participants. As with the Q&A, each post can be hidden or modified by the moderators.

marketing flows

Many functions can be chained one after the other, for example once all the quizzes are finished, the grading polls or many other options can start.
This allows you to prepare flows in which users can participate when they prefer.


The LMS function allows you to develop lessons with the possibility of asking open or closed questions to users in order to maximize the interaction and learning process directly from their phone.


The support section allows you to have a one to one chat directly with the helpdesk without going through emails or calls. Whoever manages this function will receive all messages in order of arrival directly into the backend in order to be able to quickly manage any type of request made by users.


With oak you can create popups that can appear with a simple click during the event.
Infinite pop-ups can be created to remind all users to complete an action, show a product or possibly give a link to go to another page.
Each popup can be created directly on the platform with our editor even without any programming knowledge.


Once a person/participant is in the DB, several types of messages can be sent such as eMail, SMS or event Whatsapp. Messages can be preset for automatic delivery, like for example event confirmations, or can be sent manually both to single users or to groups, in bulk. No more need to use external engines like Mailchimp or other. OAK is the only tool you’ll need. If the Mobile App version has been implemented, then you can communicate with your attendees in real time! Send push notifications directly to the smartphones of the participants for a faster and more efficient communication


If you want to reach more people all around the globe, the Live Stream module is for you! You can organize your Webinar by breaking down space-time barriers and giving your participants the opportunity to interact live through the many interactive functions provided. OAK can be used in partnership with any local service provider for the audio/video setup. You can link our tech team with your existing partner, or we can point you to one of those that are already certified and trained on our platform. As an option, it is also possible to embed standard platforms such as Zoom or others in a webview, keeping the defined UI (styles) and the specific platforms features such as breakout rooms.

Dynamic Overlays

All aok functions (popups / quizzes / polls etc) will appear to users as content above the stream, all of which can be customized in terms of content and design.
Each content can be modified on the spot independently in order to guarantee flexibility during the event.

Real time updates

All the changes made through the backend even if the event is in progress will be visible immediately without any latency or time necessary for development, moreover some functions when activated will appear on the users screen without having to reload the page.


In the streaming page there may be reactions, they are emoticons (also customizable) that allow users to give their opinion of the event with a simple click.
All user reactions can be exported via an excel file so that they can be examined as quickly as possible.

Detailed Reporting

Monitor the progress of the event. Watch the check-in statistics in real time and measure the actions of your attendees! All actions will be tracked in the user profile where you can check his history of participation in one or more events and many other information! For streaming event, you can also monitor in real time how many minutes have been spent by each participant with the streaming view ON