The modular and complete solution for event management that grows with your needs​
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The modular and complete solution for event management that grows with your needs

The Platform

OAK is a modular and totally customizable solution that allows you to manage, through a CRM and a dedicated CMS, all the phases of an event: before, during and after its execution, whatever the number of participants. Guests can consult the constantly updated information regarding the event, the location and the agenda or the details of the live online from their PC or smartphone.

User management


Check In

Seats Manager




Media Library





OAK facilitates the active participation of guests in the event. From the smartphone it is possible to send questions to the speaker in real time; respond to questionnaires (to assess the level of satisfaction of the participants in the event); express feedback (to verify the results obtained and increase user involvement); or participate in televoting. The data is immediately available on the server and can be viewed by the guests.



Social Wall




Audio Playlist


User Chat

 Marketing Flows



And for a break during work sessions, participants can exchange messages and photos in real time, networking with other guests. The most important moments can be quickly shared on the main social networks. Simple gaming solutions can be used to convey various types of messages and to induce guests to engage in active behavior.

Help Desk



Streaming & Webinars

The OAK platform consists of several modules that can be activated individually for each event. Specifically, by activating the Live module, the organizer can stream their Webinar, their Web-conference or any e-learning experience. From time to time, a set of interactive forms can be devised to engage attendees. It is also possible to monitor the progress of your live event from the administration panel where real-time statistics and measurements are available on user actions.

  • Complete autonomy in content management
    Changes in real time
  • Data extraction / import
  • Environment compliant with high safety standards
  • Selection of the services to be enabled for each event
  • Participant workflow


Dynamic Overlays

Real time updates


Detailed Reporting

Performance & Security

An extremely powerful and scalable Server platform based on the best cloud architectures and with high levels of security and reliability. OAK is delivered in Pay-Per-Use (SaaS) mode without the need to install software or purchase licenses. A reserved access to the server through a simple Web interface allows you to manage all the phases of an event by choosing which services to enable. The platform, from time to time, is customized with its own graphics and participants can access it via the Web or via the App. The Cloud architecture and use in SAAS allow you to take advantage of new functions and services that are periodically added to the platform.


  • Events
  • Congresses
  • Conventions
  • Incentive travel
  • Exhibitions
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Education


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Agenda & calendar

Keep your clientes up-to-date with the latest changes in the Event Calendar. Each event can be set as Public or Private, thus becoming visible and accessible to the public or only to one or more groups of users. The agenda presents the different sessions of the event sorted chronologically and with all the relevant useful information: times and title of the sessions, the speakers, the location of the room with attached map or other specific documents (images, PDF , PPT etc). There is also a section dedicated only to the speakers of the event where you can read information about him/her, find his LinkedIn profile and consult the list of associated sessions. The agenda of each event presents the different moments of the event divided chronologically and with all the relevant information useful to the participants: Hours, Venue, Speakers, Maps, Images. If enabled, a sub-function called MyAgenda allows the participant to create a specific agenda composed only of the sessions of his interest.


During registration, in addition to the e-mail, the telephone number may be requested in order to be able to send an otp code at each future login. This function allows you to guarantee maximum security and prevent unauthorized users from accessing even if they have managed to recovered valid credentials.